Leveraging AI for Training Content

How to Become a Training Ninja "Army of One"

Webinar Replay: Leveraging AI for Training Content

Join us for a special deep dive webinar to learn the latest strategies for leveraging AI to create outstanding training content. 

Yovel Badash, our Co-CEO, will explain how to use new AI technologies like Slice Knowledge to build exceptional training content 100X faster than traditional online training tools and workflows.

What You'll Learn

  • How AI tools are transforming content creation
  • Best practices for using AI: ideation, copy generation, revisions, and images
  • Why AI will enhance your work, not eliminate your job
  • Ways to add AI-generated content without changing your LMS
  • How to create engaging online training content 100X faster with Slice
  • How Slice turns old-fashioned training manuals into engaging online courses
  • Plus, see a full demo of our AI-powered online training content creation platform

Who Should Attend

  • Corporate Trainers managing leadership and development programs
  • Human Resource Leaders onboarding new employees
  • Product Managers doing internal training for new product features
  • Department Managers cross-training teams for enhanced resiliency
  • Subject Matter Experts sharing knowledge
  • Employees creating peer-to-peer training sessions
  • Customer Success Reps helping customers master new features
  • Marketers using online training for SEO and content management
  • Consultants and infopreneurs sharing expertise to build their platforms

Watch the Replay

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